of Dr. Kalin Mikhaylov

Date and place of birth:

12.04.1966, Sofia ( Bulgaria)


Since 2001 Assistant-Professor of West European Literature at the Faculty of Slavic Philology, Department of Literary Theory and West European Literatures, Sofia University (Bulgaria)

  • 2000: Graduation. Degree: Doctor (=PhD).
  • March 1996 - October 1999: Graduate studies with Ass. Prof. Dr. M. Nikolchina ( Department of Literary Theory and West European Literatures, Faculty of Slavic Philology, Sofia University, Bulgaria). Thesis: On the Poetics of the French Novel between the two World Wars: the Conceptions of Violence in the Novels of Francois Mauriac and Georges Bernanos.
  • 1992: M.A., Bulgarian language and literature / French language and literature, Sofia University.


  • August 2002 September 2003: German language immersion ( Passau, Germany)
  • 1996 - 1999: State Doctoral Fellowship for graduate studies at the Sofia University.
  • Nov. 1993 - June 1994: Katzarov Scholarship of the University of Geneva awarded for research on the topic Theology and Literature at the University of Fribourg ( Switzerland). Host: Prof. Dr. Jean Brantschen.
  • May - August 1991: French language immersion: internship in Soisy-sur-Seine ( France).


  • March 2000 April 2001: Researcher at the Department of Comparative Literature at the Institute of Literary Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences ( Sofia).
  • 1995 - 2000 : Part-time Sessional Instructor of West European Literature at the Faculty of Slavic Philology at the Sofia University Saint Climent of Ochrid.
  • 1995 - 1996: Librarian at the National College for Ancient Languages and Cultures ( Sofia).
  • 1994 - 1995 : I nstructor of French at the National College for Ancient Languages and Cultures (Sofia).
  • 1992 - 1993: Schoolteacher of French (grades 5 and 6).


  • 1998: publication of a collection of poems.
  • 1991: publication of a collection of poems.
  • Since 1991 until present time: translation from French into Bulgarian of poetry (J. Prevert, G. Norge, Ch. Beaudelaire, P. Caludel) and scholarly texts (A. Vuillemin, P. Ricoeur, T. Todorov).
  • Since 1989 until present time: publication of articles and essays in the Bulgarian periodical press
  • Since 1979 until present time: publication of poems in Bulgarian literary magazines
  • Since 1995 until present time: participation in radio programmes


  • History of literature and culture; Christianity and literature; Comparative Literary Studies  


  • Moriak i Bernanos: dva romanni svjata mezdu nasilieto i ljubovta [Mauriac and Bernanos: Two Fictional Worlds between Violence and Love]. Sofia University Press, 2005 (forthcoming), 300 p.
  • La (re)construction de lidentite orthodoxe dans la critique bulgare sur Dostoievski. - Traditionnel, Identite, Modernite dans les cultures du Sud-Est Europeen. Actes du colloque international de Sofia, 01-02.10.2004 (forthcoming), 15 p.
  • A Narrative Christological Model (Stories of Conversion) in V. Hugos Novel Les Miserables - Vecnite strasti balgarski. Pocit kam T. Zecev [Volume in Memory of Prof. Dr. T. Zecev] Sofia: Izdatelski centar Bojan Penev/Korporacija Razvitie KDA, 2004, 416 - 427.
  • La confidence dalbum chez A. Konstantinov et G. Bernanos. - LEurope, La France, les Balkans. Litt e ratures balkaniques et litt e ratures compar e es. Actes du colloque international bulgare-fran c ais . Sofia/Arras: Editions de lInstitut dEtudes balkaniques/Artois Presses Universit e , 2004, 239-247. / Etudes balkaniques, 2003/3, 239-247.
  • Edin kriticeski debat za balgarskata religiozna poezija [A critical debate about the religious poetry in Bulgaria]. - Ezikat i literaturata v epochata na globalizacijata [The Language and the Literature in the Globalisation Era]. Sofia University Press, 2003, 108-117.


1992: The prize Mlada Struga awarded for best poem, recited by the author at the Poetical Festival Struga Evenings ( Macedonia)


  • Member-founder of the Foundation Literature at the Institute for Literary Studies ( Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia)
  • Member-founder of ACCL (The Academic Circle of Comparative Literature; ACCL is member of the International Comparative Literature Association; )

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