Name:                              Sanya Stankeva Velkova – Kozhuharova

Department                      Cultural History of the Balkan Peoples

e-mail:                   ,

Date of birth::                  April 6, 1965

Place of birth:                  Slatino, Sofia area

Marital status:                 Married, one child

Nationality:                      Bulgarian

Country:                           Bulgaria

Home address:

Postal code:                     1220

City:                                 Sofia

Street:                              15/B/12 Tolstoj Blvd.

Phone:                             +359 2 36 31 78, +359 87 67 02 27

Office address

Postal code:                     1000

City:                                 Sofia

Street:                              45, Moskovska str.

Phone:                             +359 2 980 62 97

Education:                       History (1990) and Greek Language (1992), University of Sofia

College degree                 M.A. Ph.D. (1997), Institute for Balkan Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


Specialisation:                 1996/1997 Republic of Greece, Thessaloniki University, Philosophy Faculty: Greek Literature. Sources for the Image of the “Balkan Neighbour”


Area of research        Cultural History of Greece (19th – 20th century); Bulgarian-Greek Cultural Relations

Employment                     Assistant Professor

Teaching                          St. Kliment Ohridsky Sofia University, Faculty of Classic and Modern Letters: Lectures, Modern Greek Literature, 1996-2002

St. Kliment Ohridsky Sofia University, Faculty of Slavonic Letters, Modern Greek Literature 1996-1998, 2001/2002

                                        The New Bulgarian University: Modern Greek Language and Management: Lectures, Modern Greek Literature, 1997/1998


                                        St. Kliment Ohridsky Sofia University, Faculty of Slavonic Letters, Modern Greek Literature 1996-1998


1991-2002                    Institute for Balkan Studies

Current Project:        (Greece, Center for the Greek Language):
Checking, registration, systematic arrangement and evaluation of Modern Greek Literature translated into Balkan Languages (Bulgarian, Rumanian, Serbo-Croatian and Turkish).

(Greece, Thessaloniki University, Philosophy Faculty):
Study of the Image of Balkan Nations in History, Literature and Native Language Textbooks in the Balkan Countries

Expert Activity:       

Awards:                           None

Membership:                    Bulgarian Society for 18th Century Studies, Bulgarian Society for Modern Greek Studies “K. Palamas”

Languages:                      Modern Greek, Russian, English, French



List of Publications



“The Slav Neighbour” and the Greek “National Ego Image” Between 1912-1941, Sofia, Heron Press, 2002, 244 pp.

Papers, contributions:

1.       Georg-Eckert-Institut fur internationale Schulbuchforschung, vol. 23, 2, 2001ă., 307-308.

2.       Greece at the End of a long Nineteenth Century. In: Problemi na izkustvoto, Art Studies quarterly, 4, 2001, 8-14 pp.

3.       “The Balkan Neighbour” from the Beginning and from the End of the 20th Century. Parallels in Bulgarian and Greek Letters. In: To Think the Other: Images, Stereotypes, Crisis - 18th-20th Centuries. Sofia, 2001, 342-352 pp.

4.       The Reception of the Neighbour in Crucial Periods of Time: Beginning and Fall of the 20th Century in Bulgaria and Greece. In: The Spiritual Links of the Greecism with the Balkan Peoples (18th – 20th century). Komotini, Greece, 2000,  (in pring, in Greek Language).

5.       “The Slav Neighbour” through the Vision of famous Greek Intellectuals by the End of 19th Century and the first Decades of 20th Century. (published in English Language) - Etudes Balkaniques Magazine, 1, 2000.

6.       The Presence of Rigas Velestinlis in Bulgaria. - Thessaliko Imerologio Magazine, 36, 1999, 321-325 pp., in Greek Language.

7.       The Presence of R. Velestinlis in Bulgaria. A Glance Towards the Literature and Publications in the Press Related to nis Personality. In: The Ideas of R. Velestinlis and the Inter-Balkan Cooperation Today. Macedonian Press Agency, Thessaloniki, 1999, 163-171 pp, . (in Greek Language).

8.       The “Slav Neighbour”from the Point of view of Famous Greek Intellectuals: the End of 19th – the Beginning of 20th Century. (“The National Ego Image” – the Image of the “Other”. In: The Greek World Between the East and the West 1453-1981. Athens, 1999. Vol. 1, 509-520 pp. (in Greek Language).

9.       The Presence of. D. Solomos in the Bulgarian Cultural Realities. In: The Spiritual Links of the Hellenism with the Balkan Peoples (18th – 2th century). Komotini, Greece, 1999, 217-222 pp. (in Greek Language).

10.   The Image of the Balkan Neighbor in the Greek Hidh-School Textbooks of history. In: The Image of the “Other” in the Textbooks of history, Sofia, 1998, 78-86 pp. (in English Language).

11.   Dionysios Solomos in Bulgaria. - The periplus Magazine, 46-47, 1998, 224-227 pp. (in Greek Language).

12.   The Idea of the “Slav Neighbour” in Greek Prose Between the Two World Wars. (Author’s Paper from the Thesis), Sofia, 1997.

13.   The Image of the “Slav Neighbour” in Greek Prose Between the Two World Wars. (Propaganda Stereotypes in Brochures of Popular History). History Magazine, 1, 1997.

14.   The Greek National Ego Image” Between the Two World Wars. (A look at the Characteristics of “Ellinikotita” in the Prose of the same Period) - Minalo Magazine, 1, 1997.

15.   The Megali Idea and National Identity in the Period Between the Two World Wars. (Conditions and Development of the Problem) - Etudes Balkaniques, 3-4, 1996, in English Language.